Throwback Thursday

Hey all. I’m back after a whole freakin year. What a crazy year 2020 was and now we are starting fresh with 2021. Happy New Year to you all! I have decided to make a post today to acknowledge how long it’s been, this is definitely a throwback site. Quite a year it’s been. I’ve dyed my hair I’ve made music, I’ve learned a new instrument. So many great things have happened tome, but of course not everything is great, but I take life however I get it. I hope you all have a great rest of your day and remember the good times 🙂

Trusty Tuesday

Sorry for the for not posting yesterday, but I’m back from Monday and it is now trusty tuesday. On trusty tuesdays we should take time for ourselves and remember and trust that God or any high power you stand for, is with you every step of the way in you life and that they know what they are doing to help guide you through your life in the best way possible. Just take this tuesday to think about yourself, it’s ok to have some time for just you.

Serene Sunday

Today is serene sunday and I would like for everyone to take a breath with me. Inhale (3…2…1…) and take a big exhale through the mouth. Now that we that out of the way, I would like to share what I have learned today. In my church, I’m a Christian, we talked about our pathway and out focus in our journey to God. Our pastor told us to name our pathways, I named mine Compromise Lane. What would you call your pathway?

Slow Saturday

Hey guys! Haven’t posted in a couple months, but it’s the new year, and that means it’s time for goals! I know that it’s a slow saturday, and that means that I have time to think about me. I was thinking about my goals for 2020. I know that people always make new year resolutions and only make it a month and then quit, but this year it’s time to not be a quitter. I decided that I wanted to be more active, get healthier and even gain some muscle. I’ve found a new passion of mine in this first month of the new year, and it’s yoga. Doing yoga is something that requires my heart and soul at each practice. When I go, and I try to, I feel something in me that thanks myself for going that night. I feel like everytime I want to workout or go to yoga and tell myself that I will, it rolls around that time and I make excuses so that I don’t have to do it, but in the end when I go, I always feel a sense of satisfactory for myself. So in the spirit of goals, I would like you to leave a comment below of your new year resolution! Have a great saturday and take some time for yourself!

Thirsty Thursday

Today is Thursday and I’m going to start by telling you what it means exactly. No, it doesn’t mean I’m just thirsty, it means that I am thirsty for me time, I am taking some time out of my day today for me and my family. And for you today on this Thirsty Thursday I have a meme to share!

Me: I’m thirsty

My uncle: Hi Thirsty nice to meet you

Welcome Back!

Today will be a one in a million that I will share with you guys my art, please don’t make fun of me and just click off my cite or share some positive feedback or something that you think would make this even better!

This has a watercolor background with the words BE STRONG & COURAGEOUS and a bear and eagle
This has a watercolor background with the words BLESSED ARE THE CURIOUS FOR THEY SHALL HAVE ADVENTURES

Hello World!

WHAT IS UP MY PEEPS! Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy my content so far because it is about to get a whole lot artsier! I am going to try my best and vlog every week about my life – and maybe rant about random stuff – and maybe show you some artwork, that may be very rare. Peace out!