Meet the Team

(me and my dog Bailey)
Meet the Team

My team is all of the people who support me with all of the choices and moves I make. There is my mom, who encourages me no matter what. Then my dad who just is there for questions that need answering. And then my siblings who teach me to not only try but to practice and try even more. Last but (certainly not least), my friends, they teach me so many lessons on friendship and on being a good person that sometimes I may overlook them just a bit. But one thing they taught me is that you should never take the most important things for granted:)

Charlotte Drez

Creator & Artist

Hi I´m Charlotte Drez. Welcome to my cite! I hope you find something interesting on my cite. As you saw on the Home page, I do painting, chalk, photography, and more. If you find something worth while on my cite, feel free to leave a comment below and and I will be happy to check it out for you!